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Bromont Three Day Event Organizing Committee 30th Anniversary Celebration
Bromont, QC, Canada

The Bromont Organizing Committee are thrilled to announce the 2006 edition of the CCI**, CCI/YJ*, CIC**, CIC* Bromont Three Day EventThe Todd Sandler Challenge.

This prestigious event, taking place June 9th-11th 2006, will attract high performance riders from across the continent. These talented competitors will be using the competition as a qualifying event for such competitions as the 2006 North American Young Riders Championships. As usual, the competition will be hosted at theBromont Equestrian Park in Bromont; Quebec located approximately 80 kms from Montreal. The cross- country courses are designed by the noted international designer Michael Tucker of Great Britain and Jay Hambly of Canada.

The 2006 event marks the 30th anniversary of the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal, and is held on one of the only Olympic equestrian venues still active in the world. It promises to be one of the best yet and will include the EC National Open Training Division whose course was built last year.

The Organizing Committee comprised of Tom Todaro, Charles Baudinet, Alan Law, and Event Director Sue Ockendon coupled with the cooperation of the Schefford Agricultural society and the city of Bromont are working to insure that the highest level three day event in Canada continues to shine.

Looking to the future, preliminary plans are already in sight to develop a three star eventing course which Bromont hopes will attract more international athletes and the world's finest horses.

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